Sunday, March 18, 2012

Small Things...Big Impact

Quinn and I strolled around the garden section of Lowe's the other day....(Waiting for a prescription that was being filled at the nearby Walgreen's)....anyhow...Lowe's had a "free" brochure with many DIY projects for budget conscious folks....there was a great section on guess what!  Yep....we bought all the necessary items....and had a few things at home we knew we could use...and Voila!  We have a fantastic new center piece for our is an inside view.....I'll take a few other photos when my table is clear of some clutter....the normal things...mail, catalogs, baby bibs, craft stuff.....ugh...enough of that....the terrarium was a fun project and turned out great!  The Gnome and mushrooms I purchased from Teeny Tiny Things.  So awesome....and the deer is from the Hagen Renaker collection....I had sooo many of them when I was little....Do any of you remember the tiny little figurines?


  1. Oh my gosh- THIS is why we are friends!!!! I want to make a terrarium so bad, and then here you are making one with a gnome! I LOVE gnomes!! I think you just gave me my Sunday project to do!!!! :)

  2. I hope you take the time on Sunday to make one:). We have really enjoyed it! The gnome was such a perfect addition....cute little wee man. Just what it needed! I'm a gnome lover could anyone not adore gnomes???? Craziness!
    I've made a couple of terrariums as wedding gifts.....Something a little different.......
    Succulents are also great inside.......just don't forget to put a layer of charcoal.....With either type
    Of terrarium....(open/closed), (succulents/plants) you can find it at any nursery or hardware store that sells flowers etc.