Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picking up Speed....

It seems as if all areas of life are going full speed these days....Which isn't a bad thing....I'm not complaining at all....I am just finally taking a moment to relax...and am realizing just how fast things are happening.
Quinn is on the move and would like to start running...but her skill level isn't that high....So needless to say....there have been some bumps and bruises around here lately.  Bless her heart....
Work has been very steady...with working only two (long) days a week....I'm not able to accomodate all of my clients...and prospective clients I am having to turn away.....(it is a great dilema to be in...)

The one thing that I wasn't expecting to take off...and to be a new business journey is my metal stamping....I have really been selling many spoons and other goods...I have custom orders coming in, and am still doing inspirational quotes and herb markers.  It's been a wonderful outlet...and something I can do at home while Quinn naps!  I have a great set up in the garage....and am having to pillage the Thrift and Antique stores for their silver and silverplate......that's the most difficult part is finding pieces to stamp! As I add to my tool paraphernalia...I'll start branching out and creating custom jewelry and who know what exciting!  I love using my Dremel...and once I obtain a torch.....oh man, there will be no stopping me! that may be a little scary....but I've already promised my husband that I will use it safely......:)

My wonderful friend Monica is selling my things in her fabulous shop Embellish and Restore.  She is a stockist for the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.   If you haven't tried it or heard of really need to get your hands on some!  There is no need for any prep sanding, no priming, dries in 20 minutes, it adheres to almost any surface... Folks are even using it on leather furniture!'s worth checking out....Monica has consignment antiques, custom painted furniture, handmade baubles and jewelry....and of course my stamped goods.